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How do I choose the right Real Estate Agent?

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Choosing an agent is such an important decision, if you choose the wrong agent you could cost yourself thousands of dollars on your eventual sale price or spend an extended period of time on the market. Here is a few tips to help you choose the right agent for you and your property.

* Always meet with your potential agent, face to face is best but if that is not possible, a thorough conversation over the phone is a minimum. You need to determine if you are comfortable with the way the agent communicates with you. Do they seem knowledgeable and well organised? Do they speak in simple terms so you understand things and take the time to explain points thoroughly? Is there a personality clash? Remember, not everyone gets along with everyone.

* Make sure your agent is experienced, don't be afraid to ask, how long they have been selling property in your area for. Have they ever sold anything similar to your property?

* When an agent appraises your property make sure they provide you with written evidence on how they came up with the potential selling price. You want to avoid agents that give you a higher price without any evidence as they may be giving you unrealistic expectations of what your property may sell for.

Take your time to choose the right agent and trust your instincts.

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