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Why is Presentation important when selling property?

The presentation of a property is what helps buyer form their first impressions of a property. Once those first impressions are made, it is very difficult to change those impressions so I pays to make them as positive as possible. In regards to houses this also means street appeal. Make sure the property looks it’s best once the marketing campaign has started, and this means during the week as well. In today’s modern era of technology potential buyers could drive past the property at any time, not just on the weekends when the open home is being conducted. Once inside, presentation gets a little more personal. Makes sure the property is clean, tidy and smells nice. Burning a scented candle prior to a showing is always a nice touch, however more important things like painting the walls offers maximum bang for your bucks. Whilst you may love the idea of a bright purple feature wall, your buyer may not, when you paint, make sure the colours are neutral, light and crisp. Put away as many personal items as you can, and declutter. This may mean moving a lot of items out to a shed, however if a shed is not an option then you may want to consider paying for storage during the marketing period. It may cost a little up front but it is definitely worth it.

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