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Why is Price important when selling property?

Price is probably the single most important factor when selling your home and is the first P in the three P’s of selling property. The reason it is so important is that regardless of a properties location or condition it is still worth something to someone. For example, if a property was in poor condition and needed a lot of work, then a builder or a person who is happy to renovate the property would still be interested in the property as long as the price reflected the work that was required. Price is equally important in a strong market, if the property is even 5% more than buyers would expect to pay for a property then the property will struggle to get interest and a price reduction would normally be likely to get enough interest for a successful sale. Of course you don’t want the price to be too low either as you may miss out on the opportunity to get the best price possible for the property. It is important you get good advice as to what your property may be worth in the current market.

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